The secret success of our projects

The most important asset of our company? The PEOPLE behind our projects or solutions. THEY are our secret success, our super-power! We work with passion, enthusiasm and dedication to build the right solutions for our clients. We grow together and got to master the (most) complicated (thing): to



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Extraordinary dedication, permanent focus for each and every one of us to become better individuals, always creative and pushing the limits, opening new paths and holding our hands … we do have the best HR e v e r! They rock and make us rock!

Diana Dima
HR Business Partner

Raluca Cucos
HR Consultant


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You can call her the heart of the company, with her main concern to care for the people that work here. She is here from almost the very beginning, and her contribution to the the company growth is vital.

She is the people manager, always smiling, always caring and not a moment doubting that we can do everything we set our minds on. She is in charge with the positive vibes that run the company. She is simply Mischy!

Mihaela Georgescu
Managing Partner


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“Hello technical challenges or difficult projects or new stuff to learn or do, I can’t wait to meet you! In fact, I get bored if I do not. Lucky that at IT Smart Systems I have plenty of those. Yes, plenty! Never get bored, spectacular memories instead.” Perseverance, embracing the challenges and turning them into opportunities, always fair and openly speaking his mind- that brought Alex from Junior Developer (his first job ever) to Executive Partner in under 10 years.

Alexandru Cociu
Executive Partner


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Testing is an essential part in software engineering. Our QA team is employing the newest tools and technologies to make sure that what we build is close to perfection for the end users. We perform automated testing on almost all system components – both front and back end. You can call us exterminators, because we crush any little bug we find. Did you know that a project can be bug-free?

Our Quality Assurance Team


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Gabi’s team knows that good project management is one of the key points in the success of a software company. We take pride in the way we deliver our projects, and this reflects in the great relationships we have with all our partners. On-time projects, happy teams and happy clients: this is what we are all about!

Gabriela Mihalescu
Manager, Tech Experience


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Our architects tailor the projects to the needs of each client. We imagine the solution from the very beginning, connecting all dots in order to conceive the best technical path. And, if something doesn’t go according to plan, we’ve got the expertise and flexibility to make changes without impacting the result. A good architecture is at the base of every important construction.

Daniel Slavic
Manager, eCare & Mobility


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You can look at Ana as the light at the end of the tunnel. She is hope, focus, expertise, discipline and determination, all in one. Modest too. Ana knows to read between the lines and she is always coming up with surprising perspectives. She knows all there is to know about integration technologies and she feels the need to continuously adapt, improve, face new challenges with the same passion every time, while enjoying the ride.

Ana Maria Georgescu
Executive Partner


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From entrepreneur to intrapreneurship! He is the one who started everything here! Can you believe it- back in 2002 he was the only employee to… himself. Ok, he soon created a team (of no more than 5) and then (in three months) successfully implemented the first enterprise application integration project in Romania. Back then he was one with the firm- being able to be a programmer, or project manager, QA, architect… even accountant.

Determination to get things rightly done no mater how difficult or challenging they are is what we have been learning from Cristi. And he always trusted us to grow intrapreneurs.

Cristian Barbu
Founder & Managing Partner


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The Business Integration team could easily be considered the backbone of a robust and flexible architecture, a necessity, especially in enterprise software development. Andrei and his team learn from each other and from our partners, evolving day after day in order to provide our clients with a seamless customer experience.

Andrei Angheloiu
Business Integration Manager


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A little bit of Marketing and a touch of Design is everything it takes to make things just right. We’re all about intra-team collaboration, so don’t be a stranger and check out the output. Digitalisation made things run smooth in creating best possible brand image for you to enjoy. Ioana & Marin seem to know that you can secure the best through collaboration.

Ioana Dumitru
Marketing Consultant

Marin Chitan
iOS Technical Specialist & Jr. UI/UX (yes, he can!)


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A jack-of-all-trades (and, surprisingly, a master of all), our full stack designer jumps in on any project that might need his expertise. Even though his focus is UX Design for both external and in-house projects, our Instagram accounts are grateful for his magazine-worthy edits of our photos. Striving for flawlessness, Catalin goes above and beyond for our image to be just … perfect.

Catalin Stanciu
UI/UX Specialist


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Two pieces of the same puzzle, our Bucharest and Chisinau offices are running smoothly like one single entity. We are colleagues and friends, peas in a pod, birds of a feather, brothers from another mother … Okay, okay, you get it. We are the ITSS Community, and Inga makes sure that everything in the Chisinau office happens exactly the same as in our home base in Bucharest.

Innga Cazan
Site Manager, Chisinau


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We help you, we support you, we have your back. Our team of consultants adapts to the needs of our clients and partners, and this means that we can assemble teams of experts working on your chosen technologies on-site. We give 101% for the success of our projects and Alex knows this best.

Alexandru Lauric
QA Specialist


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We truly take pride in our devs – some of the best skilled and versatile techies out there, like Vlad here. They strive to get things done. We focus on a wider spectre of technologies, both leading and emerging, in order to be able to facilitate and integrate them just right for our clients.

Vlad Irimia
Java Technical Solutions


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We need to take it personal sometimes. Getting things done is not impersonal. In most cases this creates powerful connections that go beyond the workspace. And we are happy of this.

Aliona Rafalovscaia
Team Leader QA

Radu Lozovanu
Jr. Team Leader


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Expert security for our clients? We got it! Like any of the movies you can imagine involving cyber-security, there’s a lot of work behind the scenes and it takes very talented actors to pull it off. In our business, providing the best-in-class, up-to-date security solutions are of outmost importance. Meet our experts in cyber-security best practices, they are the stars of our show.

Daniel Coman
Manager, eCommerce & Identity Management


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We take pride to have pioneered some of local market first selfcare portals and continue to support some of our clients most business-critical touchpoints, while also looking into the future with innovative solutions. Teaming up with Brindusa and her contribution to this was and remains essential to our DNA.

Brindusa Toncu
Senior Team Leader


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It must be a connection out there between selling things and handling strings, right? No? Just a thought.
Meet Vlad, who represents the face and connection with our clients and partners. You might say he knows that tune best!

Vlad Marinescu
Sales Director


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Sometimes we need to get very hands on and understand our customers pain points to be able to deliver the simple solutions for their needs. This is where people like Gicu come in, going at 6 am to our retail customer site to understand the packaging and shipment process. Then he takes this to his team and that’s how solutions are born. Always keeping that smile on.

Gheorghe Busuioc
Team Leader, J2EE


■ ______________

IT landscapes in large enterprises are very complex, heterogenous and very integrated. Delivering multi-year transformational projects with cross-functional and multi-touchpoint impact requires strong Teams like Sergiu’s. They keep focus from inception to rollout, which can be very challenging, but they stay in control throughout the process.

Sergiu Mita
Senior Team Leader


■ ______________

Andrei joined the company in 2005 in the delivery team. Throughout his almost 15 years journey, he has contributed to some of ITSS largest programs. Some say he is very ambitious and demanding with the team, also with himself while trying to build the momentum of growth. Most of us find him charming, extremely energetic and somehow managing to close any conversation in a positive manner.

Andrei Dumitru
Executive Partner


■ ______________

Every company has a rely-on person and Marius is ours. Our Reporting Manager and Jira Jedi is well organised and probably the most calculated amongst us. He seems to feel the constant need to validate his ideas using a complex analytical algorithm, spiced also with a little touch of mystery. And that’s in our advantage of course, because we have the validation that what he starts, he finishes.

Marius Dobrinoiu
Reporting Manager


■ ______________

Seems innocent, right? Wrong! Ramona here is our Identity Woman. From Junior to Team Lead, she grew here with us, exploring a wide range of sophisticated technologies. Lately, she fancies Digital Identity & Access Management, that she could teach anybody a thing or two. As a plus, she’s between our top ping-pong players. Kaboom!

Ramona Dinescu
Team Lead, Business Integration


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or better yet self-leadership. This gang is all about responsibility, efficiency, autonomy and intrusting an environment of self-growth. An interesting mixture between making things done and keeping it simple while doing them.

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